How Do You Unclog a Linear Shower Drain?

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We can't live our daily lives without a shower, and the shower inside the home sometimes encounters the problem of clogged linear shower drains. If the shower drain is clogged, daily bathing will be very inconvenient, once the clog is found to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to share about clogged linear shower drain in the shower room, so you can easily solve it.

Here is the content list:

  • Clogging caused by hair

  • Clogs caused by grease and grime

  • Clogging caused by hard objects

  • Clogging caused by renovation

Clogging caused by hair

After using a linear shower drain for a while, hair in the bath will hang on the wall of the pipe and accumulate more, which can cause a clog. Usually, hair can cause clogged toilet floor drains, clogged basins, clogged bathtubs, and clogged showers. Therefore, it is important to cover floor drain covers and other protective devices for linear shower drains during normal use. If there is hair, pick it up and throw it in the trash. How do I deal with a clogged linear shower drain with a lot of hair in the shower? This clog is easy to fix. You can use a hand unblocked to unblock the water or, if it is very serious, you must use a pipe unblocked.

Clogs caused by grease and grime

Clogged linear shower drains caused by grease are usually found in kitchens, and such clogs are usually caused by scaling on the inside of the pipes. If the blockage is severe, you can use an unclogged to unblock the drainage. If it is serious, the simple unclogging method cannot be solved, there will be just unclogged again, completely solve the problem can only be used to use a high-pressure water tanker to clean the inner wall of the pipe or a new linear shower drain. Relatively speaking, it is more economical to use a high-pressure cleaning truck to unclog.

Clogging caused by hard objects

It is also very common for hard objects to fall into the linear shower drain to clog the drain. Some people do not cover the floor drain cover well so some small things fall into the water pipe and cause clogging, how to solve it? If it is visible to the naked eye, you must use a hook-up tool to remove the foreign object from the linear shower drain or try using a vacuum cleaner. If it is not visible, then you can use a household vacuum cleaner to try and sometimes produce unexpected results. If it is still not there, then a professional dredging tool must be used, and this is best solved by a professional linear shower drain age company.

Clogging caused by renovation

This is one of the more common clogging problems in house renovations, and we have encountered many cases of clogged linear shower drains caused by inadvertent renovations. This is not an accident. That's why it is important to make good protective measures before renovation. This linear shower drainage blockage is usually caused by cement blocks, tile fragments, sediment, paint, woven bags, etc. If it is a soft object such as a woven bag, then you can use a dredge to unblock the linear shower drain directly. If it is hard objects such as cement crumbs, a professional linear shower drain age company is needed to unclog them.

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