Subway stations are equipped with barrier-free toilets

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It is reported that the Bei'anhe Depot on the first section of Line 16 has the largest construction scale in the city, covering an area of 31.55 hectares and a total construction area of 313,100 square meters. The comprehensive utilization of the depot is based on the principle of "comprehensive development guided by public transportation". Through its construction, a transportation network system including rail transit, buses, tourist buses, bicycles and walking will be formed to facilitate citizens' travel.

The humanization of Line 16 is first reflected in the setting of the bathroom. There are 7 toilet seats in female toilets, which meets the requirement of less than 1:2 for men and women, and far exceeds the number of toilet seats for women in general subways. This design can effectively alleviate the difficulty of toileting for female passengers during peak periods. In addition, the barrier-free toilet is equipped with a changing table to meet the needs of mothers and babies; the customer service center has a "Z"-shaped countertop with a semi-circular groove, so that passengers can conveniently place personal belongings when buying tickets.

At the same time, a total of 2,000 cameras were installed in the first section of Line 16, which is the first line in Beijing to adopt a high-definition IP camera video surveillance system. The system can locate, identify and track the target in the dynamic scene through real-time analysis of the surveillance video image, and analyze and judge the target behavior, so that it can respond in time when an abnormal situation occurs, and achieve early detection and active prevention , To help security personnel effectively avoid or efficiently handle emergencies.

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