The "third bathroom" in a shopping mall

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Recently, the news that "5A-level tourist attractions in the country must be equipped with a'third toilet'" has attracted the attention of many citizens. What does this special facility look like, independent of men's and women's toilets? These two days, the reporter visited Some streets, shopping malls and parks in our city have indeed found some similar facilities. Have you ever seen and used these toilets?

  Convenience: This kind of bathroom makes it no longer embarrassing for parents to take their children to the bathroom

Yesterday, in a large shopping mall on Kaixuan Road, the citizen Ms. Mao took her son into a special bathroom: its door did not have the common words "male" or "female", instead it was replaced by a striking parent-child icon ( As shown in the picture), when entering the bathroom, there is an icon with the words "Mommy & Baby" on the wall on the left hand side, and the icon "Daddy & Baby" on the right hand side.

   Ms. Mao took the child to turn left and solved the "convenience" problem in one of the cubicles. It was not the first time that she brought her son to this bathroom. In Ms. Wang's view, such partitions provide a lot of convenience for fathers and mothers who take their children alone, "and there are also children's toilets, which are simply too practical."

   From a functional point of view, the toilet that Ms. Wang uses with her son is the "third toilet."

  Question: These toilets have special functions, but they have been left out

The reporter visited and found that many public toilets have set up facilities similar to the "third toilet" around us. In most cases, they are shown as "barrier-free facilities": an icon with a wheelchair is posted at the door. Safety handrails, railings, etc. are installed beside toilets and sinks.

In a public toilet on Dingding North Road, the reporter found a "third toilet" with relatively more facilities, which not only has common barrier-free facilities, but also a crib that can change diapers for babies. However, the reporter was in the public toilet. After observing for a long time, I didn't see anyone using this bathroom. Asked why, many citizens said that they thought this was a toilet for disabled people only.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Sanitation Department, there are 657 urban public toilets in the urban area of the city. Among them, the urban public toilets located near some scenic spots have the dual functions of urban public toilets and tourist public toilets, so barrier-free toilets or maternity and infant toilets with the function of “third toilet” were installed during construction. However, due to the recognition of the citizens Degree and management reasons, some of them did not fully perform their original functions.

   Suggestion: I hope it can be extended to more places in the future

   During the interview, many citizens put forward their views on the novelty of the "third bathroom".

Mr. Zhou, who lives in Jianxi District, believes that the "third bathroom" should not only have a scenic spot, but it should also be promoted to the whole society; college student Xiao Wu suggested that the "third bathroom" can be added with some detailed instructions at the door to let everyone understand it. The specific function is because many people may be embarrassed when they enter the door suddenly; Ms. Song, who has retired, feels that the hospital should also set up some separate "third toilets" so that when she goes to the hospital to take care of her spouse and children, she will be embarrassed. Don't worry about helping him to the toilet anymore.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Sanitation Department that although the "third toilet" is not compulsorily included in the urban public toilet construction standards, the city encourages public places with conditions to install more convenient public toilet facilities. In the future, as the urban infrastructure continues to improve , Around us, there may be more fully functional "third toilets".

  Source: Luoyang Evening News (Reporter Wisdom Text/Picture)

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"Third toilet", also known as family toilet in the world, refers to a toilet specially set up for people with behavioral disabilities or relatives (especially the opposite sex) who cannot take care of themselves. It is used to solve the inconvenience of toileting for some special objects. Problems, such as daughters assisting old fathers, sons assisting old mothers, mothers assisting little boys, fathers assisting little girls, etc.

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