What is a Linear Shower Drain?

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Linear shower drain gives the first impression of a straight, clean and tidy line, which is in fact the basic rationale. Originating in the European market, linear shower drain age is a modular system with a variety of components that can be combined in different sizes to meet the needs of various customers. The unique design concept of linear shower drain also gives designers more room for imagination and development, making it a more reliable product in modern architecture.

Here is the content list:

  • Linear shower drainage features

  • Linear shower drainage appearance

  • Linear shower drainage system

Linear shower drainage features

1) The material of the linear shower drain device is resin concrete, which has the characteristics of lightweight, anti-aging, strong anti-freezing and anti-corrosion, strong bearing capacity, smooth surface, and zero permeability.

2) the unique design cross-section of V and U shapes can effectively increase the drainage capacity and enhance the self-cleaning function; linear shower drain continuously intercepts water and has high drainage efficiency.

3) giving a very intuitive linear look and feel, simple and uniform.

4) the concealed effect is especially suitable for the surface drainage of advanced paving.

5) linear shower drain can be used as a natural transition between two different floor paving forms.

6) simple slope finding, easy construction, fast installation, and construction, which can ensure the construction period.

7) installation, maintenance, construction digging trench depth shallow.

8) linear shower drain can effectively reduce the amount of buried pipe construction and reduce construction difficulties.

Linear shower drain age appearance

Linear shower drain can be used as an element of landscape design, adding a sense of design and highlighting taste and style. Slit linear drainage system, U-shaped linear shower drainage system, V-shaped linear shower drain system, one-piece linear shower drainage system, curb linear drain system, etc.; whether it is a common style, or custom-made fancy, or even resin concrete gives a very intuitive linear look and feel, simple and uniform.

Linear shower drainage system

Prefabricated resin concrete linear shower drain, modular design, assembled products, systemic solutions. Compared to the traditional practice of cast-in-place masonry, precast resin concrete linear shower drain is not only light in weight, anti-aging, frost, and corrosion resistant, strong in bearing capacity, smooth surface, and has zero permeability. And because of the modular system of linear shower drain, the installation is quick and the construction period is short.

As surface water often contains some harmful substances such as oil and heavy metals, we advocate collecting and purifying it to avoid secondary pollution. In addition, the purified rainwater can also be stored through the linear shower drainwater storage module. On the one hand, it can be used for storage and staggering to prevent flooding when water consumption is high; on the other hand, it can be used to supplement groundwater through infiltration or by further purification.

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