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What is a Linear Shower Drain?
02-01 2023

Linear shower drain gives the first impression of a straight, clean and tidy line, which is in fact the basic rationale. Originating in the European market, linear shower drainage is a modular system with a variety of components that can be combined in different sizes to meet the needs of various customers. The unique design concept of linear shower drain also gives designers more room for imagination and development, making it a more reliable product in modern architecture.

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What Are the Advantages of a Linear Shower Drain?
01-28 2023

Although the linear shower drain is taken into account a comparatively new product, it's a sensible answer for toilet voidance. This linear shower drain permits a bespoke answer that provides the toilet with a contemporary and distinctive look and elegance. What's linear shower voidance and what voidance blessings will it offer?

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How Do You Unclog a Linear Shower Drain?
01-17 2023

We can't live our daily lives without a shower, and the shower inside the home sometimes encounters the problem of clogged linear shower drains. If the shower drain is clogged, daily bathing will be very inconvenient, once the clog is found to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to share about clogged linear shower drain in the shower room, so you can easily solve it.

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How Do You Install a Linear Shower Drain?
01-12 2023

Linear shower drains products have many characteristics, such as pressure resistance, bending resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long life, smooth surface, no infiltration, maintenance-free, lightweight, easy to install, etc. Since it is popular because of so many features, the following is a list of steps and methods for installing linear shower drain.

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