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What is the Purpose of a Linear Shower Drain?

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Linear shower drains, like many other elements in the home, are a basic feature that has remained largely unchanged over the years. Depending on how you shower, they are usually in the middle, or if your shower is also a bathtub, at one end. But that's not your only option. Linear shower drains, sometimes called infinite shower drains, are virtually invisible.

Here is the content list:

  • The function of a linear shower drain system

  • Performance of the product's structure

  • Experience multiplied

The function of a linear shower drain system

Like a wire cut and strip machine has its own function. An efficient linear shower drain system should try to be as fast as possible to collect and drain, and separate the collection and delivery. Drainage in zones, reasonable allocation of the catchment area, minimizing the runoff distance and retention time of surface rainwater, and achieving the purpose of the fast collection. While linear shower drain system is mainly responsible for collecting surface water, water transmission mainly relies on pipes, and reasonable arrangement of outlet and transmission pipes to ensure smooth drainage.

In addition, the linear shower drain system is different from other traditional drainage structures in that it has its gluing groove structure. So, all the components can be connected and then filled with a special waterproofing tightening agent in the gluing groove, which ensures that the linear shower drainage connection has a tight waterproof performance.

Performance of the product's structure

The linear shower drain structure is composed of five major parts from top to bottom: linear grille panel, filtering parts, anti-odor parts, bottom groove, and drainage outlet.

Linear grille panel: linear long strip-shaped, the market is mostly made of stainless steel. Drainage over a large area of water.

Filter: installed in the linear shower drain bottom groove, can effectively block hair and other debris to prevent sewer clogging, generally divided into the concave filter and convex filter.

Anti-odor parts: connected with the filtering parts, anti-odor parts are the most important parts of the floor drain, to prevent insects, odor, and overflow effects. Generally divided into V-type silicone deodorant parts or T-type metal deodorant parts.

Bottom groove:linear shower drainssystem drainage temporary storage place, water first through the bottom groove, after filtering discharge. Generally, there is a water guideline on the bottom tank.

Drain: The part of the floor drain that drains to the sewer, the caliber needs to be slightly smaller than the sewer orifice.

Experience multiplied


Linear shower drain overrides the height difference design of traditional floor drains in the drainage area and can be installed horizontally and firmly on the ground, which helps children, the elderly, and people with limited mobility to pass safely.


The linear shower drain's long strip design requires only one or two sides of the tile to be tilted during installation, making it easy to tile, shortening man-hours, and saving labor costs.


Linear shower drains can be tailored in length and shape to meet the needs of different environments. It also effectively improves the flatness of the floor and increases the practical value of the space.

The innovative character of our product range has grown over generations so DIKALAN is often a trendsetter in the field of hygiene. We are the inventor and developer of the easy linear drain shower system, thus sparking the craze for free obstructions in private bathrooms.

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